Fire Station and Staff
The fire department operates from one fire station, centrally located in the Roselle Municipal Complex at 100 E. Maple Avenue. The station is staffed every day with eight on-duty personnel consisting of a Lieutenant and seven fire fighters, some of whom are also paramedics.

To provide cost-effective service, the fire department relies on career firefighters, along with contracted and part-time personnel. Several Public Works employees are also trained as fire fighters to augment staffing during the day at structure fires.

The Roselle Fire Department and the Roselle Fire Protection District operate one of the most impressive fleets of fire fighting and emergency medical vehicles. Consolidation of various functions and an overview of future needs allowed a reduction in the number of vehicles necessary to provide optimal service.

In conjunction with an aggressive preventive maintenance program, residents and business owners can count on "state-of-the-art" technology in the unfortunate event of an emergency.