Exit Drills

E.D.I.T.H. - Exit Drills In the Home
Annually, more than 3,500 Americans die in home fires, about 10 people a day. Tens of thousands more were injured. Fire Won't Wait! Plan Your Escape!

Smoke Detectors
One of the most important items to have is the smoke detector; it has been proven to save lives. A smoke detector should be replaced every 10 years and the battery every six months.

Escape Plan
When a fire is discovered in your home, this is not the time to plan your escape route. Sit down with your family, make a step-by-step plan to exit the house, and practice the escape plan. Emphasize rapid and safe exits.
  • Draw a floor plan of your house showing all escape routes.
  • Two escape routes should be planned from each room if possible.
  • An exit route out of the house without opening a bedroom door is essential.
  • Decide on a meeting place for family members away from the house, like near a specific tree in the neighbor's yard.
  • Practice this with your family!
  • Hold fire drills at least every six months.
  • Maintain emergency equipment such as escape ladders and fire extinguishers as needed.
Make sure all family members understand the alarm signal, escape plans and are able to follow them without assistance, especially small children.

When you get out, stay out!!

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