What To Do In Case of a Fire

  • Don't panic - escape may depend on clear thinking.
  • Get out of the house following the planned escape routes, if possible.
    • Do not stop to collect valuables or to get dressed.
  • Open doors carefully only after feeling them to see if they are hot.
    • If they are hot, do not open them, follow an alternate escape route.
  • Keep close to the floor - smoke and hot gases rise.
    • When breathing, take short, shallow breaths.
  • If your clothes catch fire, STOP where you are, DROP to the ground, cover your face with your hands and ROLL to smother the flames.
    • While it is human nature to run if your clothes catch on fire, it's actually the worse thing you can do. Running "fans the flames" and intensifies the fire.
  • Keep doors and windows closed unless it is necessary to open them for escape.
  • Meet at your pre-established meeting place after leaving your house.
  • Call the Fire Department as soon as possible from outside of home. Give address and name.
  • Never re-enter a burning building.
Please call the Roselle Fire Department at (630) 980-2043 if you have any question pertaining to escape drills or any other safety issue.