Carts / Containers

garbage carts

Garbage and Recycling Containers

All single-family and townhouse residences with individualized refuse collection will be delivered two 95-gallon or 65-gallon two-wheeled carts, one for garbage and one for recyclable materials.

The use of refuse and recycling carts is essential as Republic Services utilizes a fully-automated program. If a need arises to place additional waste at the curb, it may be placed next to the cart for collection in standard bags or cans.

Points to consider:
  • Carts are to be used for their intended purpose, either recycling or refuse, only
  • Carts should be filled only up to the point that allows the lid to be fully closed
  • According to Village ordinance, all garbage is to be placed in metal or plastic containers, equipped with a cover and handles.
  • Containers should have capacities between five and 32 gallons.
  • The only containers larger than 32 gallons that are allowed are the carts provided by Republic Services.
  • If at any time the cart becomes damaged, please contact Republic Services to arrange for a replacement.
  • Any garbage, yardwaste and recyclables placed on the parkway need to be stored in appropriately secured containers to ensure that debris or refuse is not scattered by weather or animals.
If you decide you need a different size cart, please contact Republic Services at (847) 981-0091. There is no price difference between the cart sizes.

Placement for Pickup

A mechanical arm on the truck performs the collection of the carts so it is important to properly place the cart at the curb.
  • Place carts approximately one foot behind the curb (or one foot off the pavement, if there are no curbs) with the wheels facing away from the street (toward your house).
  • Place the cart so that vehicles parked on the street don't obstruct it.
  • Refuse and recycling containers may be placed at the curb/parkway after 6:00 pm on the evening preceding your collection day.
  • Emptied containers need to be removed from the parkway/curb by the evening of your collection day.
For more information or to begin new service, contact Republic Service's Customer Service at (847) 981-0091.

Village Ordinances Regulate Placement and Storage of Carts

The Village of Roselle Code of Ordinances contains several guidelines regarding the storage and placement of refuse and recycling carts when not placed out for pickup on garbage collection days.

Refuse and recycling carts must be stored out of view from the street, which may include storage within a garage or shed, or in the back yard. Carts that are stored on the side of a house must be fully screened from the street by shrubbery or a fence. Residents may elect to request a smaller cart from Republic Services at (847) 981-0091 to help accommodate inside storage.

Refuse and recycling carts may be placed out after 6:00 p.m. the day before scheduled pickup, and must be removed before midnight of the day on which collections occur.