Fee Parking

Fee Parking Map North Daily Fee Lot
The North Daily Fee Lot is located just off Irving Park Road and Lawrence Avenue. There are 187 parking spaces for $1.50 per day.

Maple Avenue Fee Spaces
The Maple Avenue Lot is located on Maple just south of Irving Park Road, across the street from McDonald's. This lot has 18 reserved daily fee spaces in the east aisle of the lot for $1.50 per day.

These lots are served by payment boxes located on the North side of the Roselle Metra station. In addition to accepting cash ($1.50 per day) and credit card payments ($1.80 per day), the automated boxes are part of a system that accept daily fee payments online and by phone. For phone payments call (877)727-5004 using zone number 931. Convenience charges will apply for phone and online payments. Information about online payments is available at www.parkmobile.com.

Schaumburg Station Daily Fee Lot
The Schaumburg Station Daily Fee Lot is located off Rodenburg Road, on Ryan Way. All problems or questions relating to this lot should be directed to Metra at (312) 322-6777.

There are 400 daily fee spaces available for $1.50 per day on the south side of the Schaumburg Train Station.

The Village of Roselle does not maintain and does not operate this lot.