1. Mayor

    Read about the Village of Roselle's Mayor and learn about village goals, community, and people.

  2. Board of Trustees

    View contact information for the Board of Trustees, the meeting schedule, and agendas and minutes.

  3. Village Clerk

    Find out about the Village Clerk, access the Freedom of Information Act request form, and learn about the responsibilities of this elected office.

  4. Village Code

    Access the Village Code of Ordinances online.

  5. Departments

    Browse through a list of village departments.

  6. Appointed Boards and Commissions

    See the village's appointed boards and commissions.

  7. Requests for Bids, Proposals, & Qualifications

    View requests for bids and proposals sought by the Village.

  8. Transparency Portal

    View public information provided by the Village, including Village Board actions, financial information, employment and salary information, internal organization studies, and freedom of information requests.