Development Process

One of the Planning & Zoning Division's main tasks is guiding residents, developers, and businesses through the Village's development review process.

The Division feels that this process provides a great means of gathering public input on proposed developments and that it allows for efficient communication between Village Staff and petitioners.

The development review process also helps ensure that all development within the Village occurs in a well-planned, organized, and thoughtful manner that both complements existing development as well as conforms to the Village's codes and Comprehensive Plan.

Development Review Process
The development review process typically includes the following steps.
  1. The petitioner(s) meet with Planning & Zoning Staff to discuss the concept and feasibility of the project overall.
  2. The petitioner(s) submits a formal application and then Village Staff completes an initial review.
  3. Village Staff forwards the application for review by a Board or Commission via a professional, staff analysis.
  4. The Board of Trustees, who are elected, consider all the above before a final vote on the request(s) of the petitioner(s).
This process allows all parties involved (the public, the petitioner, Village Staff, the Boards or Commissions, and the Board of Trustees) to work together to create a finished product that respects the area it is located in, is attractive and accessible, and is an addition to the overall quality of life and sense of community here in the Village.