Message from the Mayor

MayorMaglio2Winter 2019

When the Village Board officially adopted the Village’s 2019 Budget in December, it did so very mindful of balancing how much our operations cost with how much revenue we receive. As you can see in the chart accompanying the budget article on page 5, we have been careful not to overspend in our General Fund, which pays for the day-to-day operations of the Village. Our Board has a policy of having at least a 35 percent fund balance in our General Fund in order to make sure we always have enough to pay our bills in case there is an unexpected shortfall or delay in payment of revenues. We are currently exceeding that goal, with a projected unreserved fund balance at 43 percent. This goes a long way toward helping the Village Board to maintain its strategic goal of fiscal sustainability.

The Village welcomed its newest Public Works Director this past fall. Karen Young joined our management team in September and has been doing a great job ensuring that all of the core services provided by our Public Works Department are being delivered in the high-quality and efficient manner that our community expects. Karen is a licensed Professional Engineer and came to Roselle with experience working in Public Works Departments in St. Charles, Batavia, and Schaumburg.

Our most significant snowfall of the season happened back in November, and I would like to commend all of our Public Works crews for their cleanup efforts, which involved not only clearing our streets, but also all the tree branches that fell during this wet, heavy snow event. Thank you to the many businesses and homeowners that got out and got the sidewalks in front of your buildings and homes clear of snow and safe for pedestrians. Please remember that when clearing the snow from your driveways and sidewalks, snow should not be redeposited on our roadways. This causes hazardous conditions and is a fineable offense.

Our commitment to increasing engagement with the community this year continues as the Village Board hosts its second annual Town Hall Meeting on Thursday, February 28 to present the of State of the Village. We will review our budget and present what is on tap for 2019, discuss new businesses and developments, hear from the Police and Fire Departments, present infrastructure and other construction projects planned for the near future in Roselle, and answer questions from participants. The Town Hall Meeting will be held in the Equipment Bay at the Roselle Fire Station, 100 E. Maple Ave., on February 28 from 7:00 to 8:30 p.m. Hope to see you there!