Message from the Mayor

Fall 2016

As we head into autumn, I am a little sad to leave summer behind.  What a wonderful one it was! As Mayor, I am always expected to mandate good weather for our events. From the Rose Festival Carnival and Rose Parade, through the 4th of July and the Taste, our weather couldn’t have been more perfect. Thanks to all of you who came out and participated in the events that make Roselle that special place to live.

As this is the last newsletter of the year, I want to mention some upcoming events as we close out 2016. On Thanksgiving morning we have Roselle’s Exploding Turkey Trot, organized by Trustee Patrick Devitt. It is a great event to attend, in anticipation of all the tempting calories later that day! Proceeds help defray the cost of our fireworks on July 3rd.

Santa arrives in Roselle the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Besides the “Celebrate the Season” event at the Library, we have plans to expand the celebration with the addition of a Cocoa Crawl on Main St. See the back page of this newsletter for details, and updates will be sent out in our weekly E-News. If you do not get E-News, please sign up on our website at It’s a great way of getting the most up-to-date news from the Village.

If you enjoyed American English at our Independence Day celebration, there is another opportunity to see them and support our Veterans at the same time. American Legion Post 1084 is hosting a concert on Friday, November 4, at 6:00 p.m. at Lake Park West campus. Proceeds from this event support the Gifts for Yanks program, where comfort items are distributed to veterans in our area hospitals and nursing homes during the holiday season.  Our American Legion post has led the state in raising funds for this program for many years. It is a wonderful concert for a wonderful cause.

On Saturday, November 5, I will be participating in Trinity Lutheran Church’s annual Clinic for the needy families in our area. Put on entirely by volunteers, The Clinic provides a hot meal (I serve a mean ham slice), plus three other options such as getting winter clothing, taking a family picture, visiting a dentist, plus leaving with a basket of fresh food. It is a great outreach program and anyone can call Trinity to volunteer. This event really sets the season of Thanksgiving for me.

Trinity is also introducing a new program called Community Care.  Volunteers are available to help residents with tasks that they are not able to accomplish on their own.  These can range from yard work, small house repairs, cleaning out a refrigerator or closet or replacing smoke alarms, etc. Team members want to help those who are physically or financially unable to handle these types of maintenance and repairs. To apply, you can call Rogene Lis at (630) 894-3263, or e-mail

Now that school is in session, please remember the rules for sharing the roads with school buses. When a bus stops, puts on flashing lights and the stop sign extends from the side, YOU MUST STOP. Some children may be crossing the street in front of the bus and this ensures safe passage for our children. This applies to all our residential streets.

This past summer the majority of calls I received were from neighbors who were upset with the condition of a house on the street. Some involved bank owned properties and others were from residents who were oblivious to the condition of their property versus all the others on the street. I have two take aways: 1) When you live in a neighborhood, you have an obligation to keep your home neat and maintained. While you may not be on the market to sell your house, its condition can affect the sale of your neighbor’s property, which will eventually affect yours. Let’s all try and be good neighbors. 2) When we do cite a resident for these types of issues, it can be a very arduous procedure to finally bring a house up to code. While we understand that we are acting on the wishes of the majority of our residents, judges tend to side with the individual property owner. So, the process may take longer than we’d like, but we persevere in almost all the cases we pursue. Please be patient.

I will circle back to Thanksgiving. I am grateful for my husband, daughters and six grandchildren—my newest arrived in August.  I am thankful to be Mayor of a Village that understands and celebrates community and for the employees who serve it so well. And, I am thankful to have done this job that has allowed me to meet so many wonderful residents and business owners. I wish you happiness for whatever you celebrate in the next few months, and best wishes for 2017!

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