Proposed Budget - 2009

Snapshot of Fiscal Year 2009 Budget
In December 2008, the Village Board passed an ordinance adopting the Fiscal Year 2009 Budget. This action came after the Village Board utilized three Committee of the Whole meetings in November to review and evaluate the proposed budget prepared by staff.

Each year, the Village's financial position is carefully evaluated by reviewing costs and services regularly and by planning for the future needs of the community. This year's proposed budget reflects the impact of increased expenditures due to storm response to an unusually harsh winter and the economic downturn that has gripped the country for the last six months.

The 2009 Village Budget was constructed and approved to accomplish the following:
  • Provide services for the continued health, safety, and welfare of the community
  • Maintain quality essential services at the lowest possible cost
  • Operate within the restrictions of the property tax cap and restrictions of a non-home municipality
  • Provide an annual capital project program to maintain and/or improve street, water sewer, and municipal building infrastructure
Budget Highlights
  • Total estimated revenues (all funds) including transfers: $33,312,089
  • Total proposed expenditures (all funds) including transfers: $30,714,709
  • New revenue sources:
    • Hotel/Motel increased revenue: $120,000
    • Traffic signal enforcement fines: $500,000
    • Water and CIS rate increases:
      • Water rate increase $.20 per 1,000 gallons to balance revenues: $131,000
      • CIS rate increase $0.25 per 1,000 gallons to pay for bonds issued in 2008: $164,500
  • Capital improvement program including $200,000 Foster Ave. engineering: $748,000
  • Establish a Public Safety Foundation Fund to track Safety Town donations and expenditures
  • Storm water infrastructure improvement projects including the Turner Pond retaining wall: $240,000
  • Improvements to the wastewater treatment plant infrastructure: $200,000
  • Sanitary sewer lining program: $370,000
  • Replacement of equipment including computer network server and workstations: $152,000
Revenues, Expenditures, and Tax Levies
View a PDF document containing pie charts highlighting a breakdown of 2009 revenues and expenditures, and the distribution of property tax levy by each taxing body and the Village's property tax levy.