Requests for Bids, Proposals, & Qualifications


The Village of Roselle is committed to insuring that taxpayers receive the maximum value for each dollar spent by purchasing quality products and services at the lowest possible cost. The Village will post bids/proposals on this page for review and download. Please download the bid/proposal PDF document for details and contact information.

Current Requests

  • Request for Bids - Water Main Improvements

The Village of Roselle will receive sealed proposals for WATER MAIN IMPROVEMENTS. Proposals will be received at the Roselle Public Works building, 474 Congress Cir N, Roselle, Illinois 60172, until 10:00 AM on Friday, April 7, 2017, at which time the proposals will be publicly read out loud. No bid shall be withdrawn after the opening of the proposals without the consent of the Mayor and Board of Trustees for a periodof forty-five (45) days after the scheduled time of closing of the receipt of bids.

All proposals shall be sealed in an envelope, addressed to the Village of Roselle, Attn.: Victor Ramirez. The name and address of the bidder and the name of the project shall also appear on the outside of the envelope. Proposals must be submitted on the forms provided by the Engineer.

The contract documents, including specifications, are on file at the Village of Roselle Public Works building, 474 Congress Cir N, Roselle, IL, and may be obtained from the office upon a non-refundable payment of One Hundred and Five Dollars ($105.00) per paper copy and/or Ten Dollars ($10.00) per CD format. The contract documents will be issued until 5:00 PM on the last business day preceding the bid. No refund will be made for documents received from the office.

The Contractor shall submit a current IDOT Prequalification and/or the Robinson Engineering Prequalification Statement which will be reviewed by the Engineer prior to receiving the Contract Documents. A bid bond or certified check/bank draft drawn on a solvent bank, payable without condition to the Village of Roselle in an amount not less than ten percent (10%) of the bid shall be submitted with each proposal, as a guarantee that, if the proposal is accepted, a contract will be entered into and the performance of the contract is properly secured. A performance bond in a sum equal to one hundred percent (100%) of the amount of the bid, with sureties to be approved by the Village of Roselle for the faithful performance of the contract, must be furnished by the successful bidder. All bids or proposals shall contain an offer to furnish bond upon acceptance of such bid or proposal.

The right is reserved to reject any or all proposals, to waive technicalities, to postpone the bid opening, or to advertise for new proposals, if in the judgment of the Village of Roselle their best interests will be promoted thereby. The contractor will be required to pay not less than the prevailing wage rates on this project as established by the United States Department of Labor. He shall also comply with all applicable Federal, State, and local regulations. Bidder qualifications and experience will also be included in the basis for determining the lowest responsible bidder.

Pre-qualifications will be required to be submitted to the Engineer by all potential bidders. If, in the opinion of the Engineer and the Village of Roselle, an applicant would not be able to serve the best interest of the Village, a proposal will not be issued to the applicant.