Budget - 2012

2012 Budget Document
The 2012 Budget document (PDF) is available for download.

Village Budget Situation Improves
The Village of Roselle 2012 budget reflects an organization that has implemented policy initiatives to offset the effects caused by drastic declines in state shared sales and income tax revenues and an economy previously in recession. By implementing proactive measures such as employee unpaid furlough days and layoffs, department reorganizations, consolidation of 911 communications services to a regional agency, non-essential service reductions, and imposition of various fees, the Village's general operating fund reserves have increased to a level just shy of its adopted fiscal budget policies.

Despite a 20 percent decrease in the Village's full-time work force since 2009, residents and business owners have not experienced a decline in public safety emergency and non-emergency service levels. Public Works crews continue to ensure the Village's streets, water, and wastewater systems remain open and functioning despite weather or unusual circumstances.

Last spring, Mayor Smolinski created a Finance Planning Committee. The work of the committee resulted in the reduction of the Village's vehicle inventory and reaffirmed the effectiveness of using Public Works employees for the maintenance and repair of Village-owned vehicles. In addition, Sikich LLP conducted an independent review of all Village Hall departments providing several recommendations to create greater efficiencies in the operations of the Finance, Community Development, and Administration departments. As a result of the Sikich LLP study, the 2012 budget includes specific funds to improve the organization's use of technology and more efficient provision of municipal services.

While the country's economic situation has severely impacted many of the Village's revenue sources, one of the Village's three largest revenue sources has begun to rebound. Sales tax revenues during the last half of 2011 have improved to a point whereby it is estimated that by the end of 2011, the Village will have matched levels similar to what it received back in 2008. This allowed the Village Board to approve the 2012 budget with expenditures that include eliminating unpaid furlough days for the 37 non-union employees, purchasing new Fire and Public Works equipment, reinstating resident 50/50 cost sharing sidewalk and tree replacement programs, and an increase in spending for innovative technology improvements such as access to geographic information systems in all departments.

The 2012 budget reflects a capital project improvement program designed to keep infrastructure in the community maintained at a high level. Specific utility taxes, water and sewer fee revenues, and State-allocated motor fuel taxes have been budgeted to pay for improvements to the Village's street, wastewater, and stormwater systems. Approximately $1.4 million has been included for the Village's annual street improvement program, $280,000 for water and sewer infrastructure improvements, and $70,000 for miscellaneous stormwater improvements. In addition, the budget includes $75,000 to continue funding the Emerald Ash Borer Management Plan, which includes the inspection of ash trees, chemical treatment of healthy ash trees, and removal of infested trees on Village-owned property.

Unfortunately, water rate user fees increased effective January 1, 2012. The Village of Roselle purchases, and is supplied with, Lake Michigan water from the DuPage Water Commission (DWC). The DWC purchases this Lake Michigan water from the City of Chicago. Last fall, the City of Chicago announced a 4-year rate increase plan that passes increases on to customers such as the DWC. In response to that rate increase, the DWC has approved a similar 4-year rate increase plan that will be passed on to its municipal customers like the Village of Roselle.

When the Village Board approved its 2012 budget in December, it also approved an amendment to its water rate ordinance passing on that rate increase to Roselle residents. Effective January 1, 2012, Roselle water users will see their water rates increase 70¢ per 1,000 gallons. The average household in Roselle uses approximately 6,000 gallons of water per month. Based on the rate increase, the average Roselle homeowner will see the water portion of their combined bill increase by about $4.20 per month.

Revenues, Expenditures & Tax Levies
View a PDF document containing pie charts highlighting a breakdown of 2012 revenues and expenditures, the distribution of property tax levy by each taxing body, and the Village's property tax levy.