EAB Plan 2013 Update

The Village of Roselle is entering into the third year of its emerald ash borer (EAB) management plan as part of a multi-year effort to mitigate the effects of the emerald ash borer in Roselle. According to consultants from Graf Tree Care, EAB mitigation efforts are unfolding well, with better than expected success rate for trees receiving treatment against EAB in Roselle.

The following points refer to the publicly owned trees in Roselle, which are either located in parkways (between the sidewalk and the street) or on Village-owned property.

  • Of the 640 trees in the original ash tree treatment set, only six ash trees were removed due to failed treatments. This is far less than the originally predicted 10 percent overall failure rate for trees in the treatment set. Storm damage and poor branch formation accounted for the removal of several ash trees that were in the treatment set, bringing the treatment set total to 627 in 2013.
  • Treating the ash trees is significantly less expensive than removal and replacement. The cost of removing the treatment set of 627 ash trees, grinding the stumps, and replacing these trees would be almost $450,000. The projected cost of the seven-year annual treatment plan of these same 627 ash trees is $227,511.
  • Securing grant funding, along with the reintroduction of the 50/50 shared cost parkway tree program, helped to make reforestation efforts successful in Roselle. Since the EAB management plan was enacted in 2011, 263 severely infested ash trees have been removed from Village-owned property, and another 297 are slated for removal this spring. There will be an estimated 1,149 ash tree removals from 2011 to 2017, nearly all of which will become planting spaces as they are removed.
  • EAB infestations have had both an economic impact (costs associated with tree treatment, tree removal, and reforestation), as well as an environmental impact (mass tree loss) in Roselle. The implementation of the EAB management plan, including the successful treatment program and securing grant funding for reforestation, have helped mitigate these effects.
Free Mulch Program Eliminated
As part of the effort to slow the spread of emerald ash borer (EAB) infestations, the Village of Roselle has eliminated its free mulch program starting this year.

The mulch program used chippings from parkway tree trimming, which in the last couple years included ash trees infested with EAB. To make sure the borers were completely removed from the ash tree wood waste, the Village rented a special tub grinder to grind the chippings twice. The expense of renting the tub grinder, along with having to grind the chippings twice, make the mulch program too costly for the Village to continue.