EAB Plan 2015 Update

After the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) was discovered in Roselle in September 2010, the Village developed an EAB Management Plan designed to preserve the Village’s ash tree population, which is comprised of three main components:

  • Removal: To date, approximately 961 ash trees have been emoved from parkways and Village-owned properties. In 2015, it is anticipated that approximately 124 additional trees will be removed.
  • Treatment: Since 2011, approximately 712 higher quality ash trees have been treated, of which, approximately 651 have survived (not all ash trees that were lost were due to EAB infestations, some were lost to storms or other types of damage). The success rate of the ash tree treatments has been higher than expected in Roselle. High quality ash trees are those that are in good overall health, show no signs of EAB infestation, and are in a good location. Treatment has involved two processes: trunk injections and soil drenching of an insecticide. Trees that are in the treatment set are marked with a small round aluminum tag.
  • Reforestation: Approximately 300 trees have been planted in Village parkways to replace ash trees lost due to EAB infestations. Additional tree planting is scheduled for this fall. The demand for trees is high due to the tremendous loss of trees from EAB throughout the region. Village staff continues to seek out creative strategies to plant the most trees possible within budgetary constraints.
In March, Graf Tree Care began surveying ash trees on public property throughout the Village. Since 2011, the Village has contracted with Graf Tree Care to manage the Village’s EAB program. Graf Tree Care has completed annual tree inventories, created tree removal and treatment lists, and provided updated tree data for the Village’s GIS system.

The Village’s approach to managing EAB will evolve as the EAB eventually moves out of the area. The number of tree removals is tapering off each year, and the focus is shifting towards reforestation.