Street Improvement Program

Construction for the Village’s 2018 Street Improvement Program (SIP) started on April 9, and will continue through the end of June. The 2018 program budget includes $650,000 to resurface 2 miles of streets throughout the community that have been identified as being in poor or fair condition.

This project consists primarily of the grinding and resurfacing of the deteriorated roadway segments. The construction sequence was as follows:
  1. Intermittent sidewalk, curb and gutter removal and replacement.
  2. Underground utility work (utility frame adjustment, structure reconstruction).
  3. Asphalt surface removal (grinding).
  4.  Asphalt patching of failed base course.
  5. First layer paving with Hot-Mix asphalt leveling binder.
  6. Final layer paving with Hot-Mix asphalt surface Course.
  7. Pavement marking/striping.
During construction, roads will remain open and driveway access will be maintained. The Village will work closely with the contractor to minimize the inconvenience to residents during the project. Residents can expect varying level of activity during the construction time frame. We apologize for the inconvenience created during construction, and thank residents for their patience and cooperation. For questions or further information, please contact Civil Engineer Jorge Jorda at (630) 671-2363 or e-mail

Streets Included in the 2018 SIP

The 2018 program includes the resurfacing of the following streets throughout the Village (purple lines on map above). Work started with AREA 1 streets, to be followed by AREA 2 streets, and will conclude with AREA 3 streets:
  • Ambleside Dr. (AREA 3)
  • Cambrian Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Cheviot Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Kelly Ct. (AREA 2)
  • Romford Ct.  (AREA 2)
  • Thornfield Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Welland Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Avalon Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Castlewood Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Hastings Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Mansfield Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Sherwood Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Thornfield Ln. (AREA 1)
  • Woodside Dr. (AREA 2)
  • Brendon Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Chatfield Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Hillside Dr. (AREA 3)
  • Merriford Ln. (AREA 1)
  • Sussex Ct. (AREA 1)
  • Tuppeny Ct. (AREA 1)

Construction Bulletins

Bryn Mawr Ave. Resurfacing Project - Bloomingdale Township Highway Department
The Bloomingdale Township Highway Department started construction work on Bryn Mawr Ave. between Roselle Rd. and West End Rd. on July 10 as part of a street resurfacing project. The project is expected to be completed by July 20, weather permitting. Contact Bloomingdale Township Highway Commissioner Bob Czernek at (630) 529-5221 or email for more information about this project.

Central Avenue Resurfacing Project Begins August 1

Construction5The installation of the water main along Central Ave. to connect neighboring Bartlett to the DuPage Water Commission tower is complete, and patching and restoration work is expected to be completed by mid-July. Additional work for the resurfacing of Central Ave. from Roselle Rd. to Gary Ave. will begin on August 1, with the project expected to conclude in October.

Federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds will cover approximately 75 percent of the construction costs for the resurfacing project, with the remaining 25 percent coming from the Village of Roselle. Central Ave. is a designated route that qualifies for federal funding because it is classified as a collector street that carries more than just local traffic. In DuPage County, the DuPage Mayors and Managers Conference oversees the STP program.