Hydrant Flushing

Water Department Hydrant Flushing Program

Why Are We Flushing?

Each spring, the Water Department begins its comprehensive flushing program including all 1370 fire hydrants throughout the Village. Because water mains are sized to allow adequate and safe flows for fire protection, water typically is moving through the mains at a slow rate. This slow movement allows mineral deposits to build up and accumulate in mains over time. The buildup can restrict water flow in the mains and contribute to corrosion and watercolor problems. Periodic flushing of water mains removes the mineral deposits which helps maintain the Villages infrastructure and assures consistent high quality water.

Hydrant flushing is routine maintenance for a water system and accomplishes the following:

  1. Improves water quality by removing minerals that have collected in the water mains.
  2. By removing these minerals, the inside diameter of a water main is increased and therefore allows a better flow of water.
  3. A fire hydrant is a mechanical device; operation of a hydrant lubricates internal mechanisms.
  4. Hydrant deficiencies are noted and repaired as necessary to insure each hydrant will perform when needed for an emergency.

When Will Flushing Be Done in My Neighborhood?

Hydrant flushing typically begins in April each year and is on-going throughout the spring until all hydrants can be flushed, however for 2020, the program has been pushed back several months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents are encouraged to check for possible water discoloration prior to use. If the water is discolored, it can usually be remedied by running a cold water tap for 5-10 minutes or until the water clears. Postponing laundry until water is clear (usually no more than one day) is recommended.

2021 Schedule


Signs will be posted throughout the neighborhoods in advance and moved accordingly as Public Works crews progress. Flushing is generally conducted between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Friday. Every hydrant in each neighborhood will be opened for flushing during 2020. 

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