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1. 6/11/2020: Why does the Village of Roselle still require vehicle stickers when so many other surrounding Villages have done away with them?
2. 5/21/2020: If delayed revenue is a problem for the Village, why don't you just mail out the vehicle sticker forms to use now?
3. 5/14/2020: Can you provide an update on code enforcement?
4. 5/7/2020: Can you please give us an idea on your thoughts with the shutdown going until May 30? Are you reaching out to Governor Pritzker in hopes of being able to open safely before then?
5. 5/7/2020: What is the impact from coronavirus on the Village’s 2020 budget?
6. 4/30/2020: What are the new regulations that non-essential businesses must follow when they re-open for minimal operations on May 1?