Vehicle Stickers


2023-2024 VEHICLE Sticker Final Correct Date_FinalEvery owner or operator of a motor vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers) who resides within the Village or whose motor vehicle is based within the Village must obtain a Roselle vehicle sticker.

Stickers must be purchased by September 30 and displayed on October 1 to avoid penalties.

Renewal applications with previous sticker information pre-printed on the form are mailed to residents in July. All changes are to be made directly on the form and returned, by mail or in the drop box located in front of the Village Hall. Failure to receive a pre-printed application does not exempt any individual from purchasing stickers by the September 30 deadline.

Mail-in and Online Application Options Preferred

Residents are urged to use the return envelope included with the vehicle sticker application, either by mail or by dropping it in the Village payment box in front of Village Hall, or to apply for the sticker online.

Purchase Vehicle Stickers Online

Application Submission

We accept vehicle sticker applications and payment by mail, in the drop box located in the circle drive in front of Village Hall, and in person at Village Hall. The deadline to purchase vehicle stickers is September 30. Please email us at or call (630) 980-2000 for more information about the Village’s vehicle sticker program.

Fee Schedule

Fee Type
 Fee Amount
Fee Code
 Passenger Automobile $45.00 CAR
 Recreation Vehicle $40.00 RV
 Antique Vehicle $27.00 ANT
 Motorcycle $27.00 MOC
 Motor Bicycle $23.00 MOB
 Trailer $18.00 TLA
 Truck Plate B $45.00 TRB
 Truck Plate C $59.00 TRC
 Truck Plate D $73.00 TRD
 Truck Plate F $90.00 TRF
 Truck Plate H $98.00 TRH
 Truck Plate J $107.00 TRJ
 Truck Plate K $123.00 TRK
 Truck Plate L $132.00 TRL
 Truck Plate N $140.00 TRN
 Truck Plate P $148.00 TRP
 Truck Plate Q $157.00 TRQ
 Truck Plate R $165.00 TRR
 Truck Plate S $173.00 TRS
 Truck Plate T $182.00 TRT
 Truck Plate V $190.00 TRV
 Passenger Automobile Social Security Disability $22.50 DIS
 Truck Plate B Social Security Disability $22.50 DTB
 Motorcycle Senior Citizen $13.50 MOCS
 Passenger Automobile Senior Citizen $22.50 SC
 Recreation Vehicle Senior Citizen $20.00 SCRV
 Truck Plate B Senior Citizen $22.50 TSC
 Truck Plate D Senior Citizen $36.50 TSD

License Transfer- $1.00

Penalties for Late Purchase

Penalties for late purchase of a Village vehicle sticker shall be as follows: October 2 to October 31 of each license year $15.00, November 1 to November 30 of each license year penalty increases to $25.00, after December 1 of each license year penalty is $35.00 plus $10.00 per month with a maximum penalty of $115.00. Late fees will applied in addition to the original cost of the sticker on the following schedule:

  • October 2 to October 31: $15.00
  • November 1 to November 30: $25.00
  • December 1 to December 31: $35.00
  • January 1 to January 31: $45.00
  • February 1 to February 28/29: $55.00
  • March 1 to March 31: $65.00
  • April 1 to April 30: $75.00
  • May 1 to May 31: $85.00
  • June 1 to June 30: $95.00
  • July 1 to July 31: $105.00
  • August 1 to August 31: $115.00

New Residents or Vehicles

  • New residents - Stickers must be obtained within 30 days of moving into the Village
  • New vehicles - Stickers must be obtained within 30 days of purchase

View the entire Roselle Traffic Code.

For plate registration information contact the Illinois Secretary of State at Cyber Drive Illinois