Water Sewer Connections

General Requirements
If you are interested in connecting to the Village of Roselle's water and/or sanitary sewer system, please contact the Village Hall at (630) 980-2000.

Residents are responsible for hiring a licensed contractor to make the physical connection to the utility line; however, a permit is required to complete the connection.

Permit applications can be picked up at the Building Department desk inside Village Hall. Please remember that it takes three to five working days to process a permit application.

Standard Fees
The standard tap-on fees as follows:
  • Water Tap On Fee $850 (both DuPage and Cook Counties)
  • Sewer Tap On Fee $750 (Cook County); $1,500 (DuPage County)
  • Water Meter Fee $400 (Access Plus - automatic dial-in)
  • Inspection Fee $20
In addition to standard fees listed above, there may be applicable recapture fees.

Recapture Fee
A recapture fee is a fee assessed to a parcel, by Village ordinance, which "recaptures" the Village's investment in the water and/or sewer infrastructure applicable to that parcel.

Recapture fees are typically calculated by prorating the cost of the line's installation over all of the parcels which benefit from the line. The total project costs are either divided evenly among all benefiting parcels, or the project cost is assessed proportionately to all parcels based upon their front footage along the line.

Village Hall can determine, prior to connection, whether or not there are any outstanding recapture fees applicable

Recapture ordinances are recorded against all affected properties, so that people buying or selling homes in Roselle are aware of the fees. These fees are due only when the property owner decides to tap into the Roselle water and/or sanitary sewer system.