Pocket Bikes

Many area businesses are selling motorized skateboards, motorized scooters and small motorcycles referred to as "pocket bikes." Their popularity has soared and some parents are undoubtedly deciding whether to buy one for a son or daughter. Before you do the Roselle Police Department wants to make you aware that these items present safety concerns and are not legal for use except on your own property or another's property with their permission.

The Police Department reminds parents that these vehicles are restricted by state law and village ordinance. Miniature motorcycles and motorized scooters cannot be licensed for use on the street. These vehicles often lack necessary safety equipment such as headlights, turn signals, horns or effective brakes. Even though the driver may have a valid Illinois Drivers License the operation of these vehicles anywhere other than on their own private property is prohibited. Roselle police officers can issue citations for village ordinance violations with fines up to $500.00. Certain infractions may result in a citation for a violation of the Illinois Vehicle Code. Convictions for these violations are reported to the Illinois Secretary of State and may affect a person's driver's license status and /or insurance rates.

Some of these vehicles reach 30 miles per hour or more and are difficult to see due to their small size. Often the riders of these vehicles are seated close to the ground and below the field of view of motorists. Because they cannot be legally licensed for operation on the streets, most drivers do not have insurance and these types of vehicles are most frequently operated by youths under the legal driving age. This means an inexperienced operator is likely unaware of the dangers they are causing. Statistics collected by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission from 1999 to 2002 found more than 17,000 injuries and a number of fatalities were caused by the use of motorized personal use vehicles.

The Roselle Police Department has seen a large increase in complaints regarding these vehicles. In 2002, in response to these complaints, the Village Board enacted a "personal use vehicle ordinance" restricting their use. This ordinance prohibits personal use vehicles on public streets, parking lots, sidewalks, bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways, pedestrian overpasses or any right of way. Their use is also prohibited on private property where signs prohibiting their use are posted or at any location without the property owner's consent. Our ordinance is similar to those in surrounding communities. More communities are adopting similar restrictions due to the rising complaints regarding these vehicles. If you have any questions, please contact the Roselle Police Department at (630) 671-4008.