Reforestation Plan

treereplace.jpgAll of the Village’s publicly owned trees were originally included in a tree inventory conducted in 2011 to evaluate the effects of emerald ash borer infestations. At that time, approximately 2,200 open planting spaces were identified on parkways throughout the Village. Since 2011, approximately 1,100 ash trees have been removed, only 300 of which have been replaced to date. This has resulted in a total of 3,000 open planting spaces. The Village’s completed a Reforestation Planting Plan in 2019 that takes into consideration current and projected species diversity, spatial diversity, and age class diversity. The goal is to create a healthy community forest in Roselle for the long term.

Tree Inventory Updates

Each year, 25 percent of the Village’s entire tree inventory is updated. Each tree is re-measured, assigned a new condition rating, and is inspected for pests, pathogens, and abiotic disorders. In 2019, Graf Tree Care completed tree inventory updates in Zone 3, the area of the Village south of Central Ave. and west of Roselle Rd.

Parkway Tree Replacement Program

Roselle’s 50/50 Shared Cost Parkway Tree Replacement Program gives residents the opportunity to purchase a tree for their parkway at half of the cost, with the Village paying for the other half. This is a wonderful way to add to the beauty and enhance the property values of our community.

Contact Public Works at 630-980-2020 for more information regarding this program.