Winter Weather Roads & Safety

Snow Plow Anti-icing of the roadways in Roselle typically begins before a snowfall, with the application of brine, a liquid anti-icing salt solution. Rows of white, chalky lines are created on the roads during the brine application process. The brine application provides additional time before the snow and ice begin to build up on the pavement. Brine is not applied to the streets if rain is predicted before the snow, as it would be washed off the pavement before becoming effective.

Once the snow starts falling, Public Works typically begins plowing operations after two inches of snow has fallen, or sooner if road condition reports indicate the need. Please remember to exercise caution when driving in snowy and icy conditions. With the exception of Central Avenue, all of the local roads in Roselle have a posted speed limit of 30 miles per hour or less.

State and county agencies handle most of the main roads running through Roselle, (Lake Street, Gary Avenue, Irving Park Road, Roselle Road, Nerge Road), and the Village is responsible for most of the side streets and residential areas.

Additional Winter Weather Information

Behind the Scenes: Preparing for Snow Season