Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive Plan Documents

Full Comprehensive Plan Report (80 MB)

Individual Chapters
1. Plan Summary
2a. Land Use and Development
2b. Natural Resources and Open Spaces
2c. Transportation - Roadways, Transit and Trails
3a. Town Center Sub-Area
3b. North Roselle Road Corridor Sub-Area
3c. Medinah Station Opportunity Area
3d. Lake Street Opportunity Area
3e. Annexation Opportunities
4. Design Guidelines
5. Implementation


The Village’s Comprehensive Plan was adopted on August 22, 2016. This adoption was the conclusion of over a year of public forums, meetings, and feedback on the future of planning in Roselle. The Comprehensive Plan is a living document that is intended to guide development within the Village over the course of the next 20+ years. The 2016 Plan included an in depth review of design, functionality, and market demand through the Village, but specifically for the North Roselle Road corridor, the Metra Station area, and the Village’s Town Center.