Economic Development Strategic Priorities

The Village of Roselle updated its Strategic Plan for 2018-2021, officially establishing its goals for the next several years. Economic Development is a strategic priority and the respected desired outcomes, key outcome indicators, and strategic initiatives are summarized in the table below.

Strategic Priority: Economic Development 

Desired Outcome
Key Outcome Indicator Target  Strategic Initiatives
Strong diverse tax base Sales tax, EAV, and fees  - $ / % General Fund Revenue
- $ / % Sales tax increase
- $ / % EAV increase
  • Expand business retention program
  • Expand business recruitment program
  • Develop a sales tax improvement plan
  • Implement an East Irving Park Road redevelopment strategy
Positive working relationship with the business community Feedback from business owners  _% report positive relationship
East Irving Park Road corridor developed -Project approval
-Square feed added
-Sales tax and EAV
 _% Square foot increase by 2021 
$ / % Sales tax and EAV increase by 2021