Yard Flooding Assistance Program

yard flood

The Village of Roselle developed this cost sharing program to assist property owners that have experienced yard flooding problems.

Positive yard drainage involves properly sloped grades to convey stormwater runoff to lower ground or to a yard storm sewer system. Some of our subdivisions were developed with storm sewers in yards within drainage easements, others were not and relied on properly pitched slopes. Over the years, ground settling, filling, landscaping, fences and sheds may have adversely impacted the ability for water to properly drain in these areas. In addition, yard areas that once were able to absorb the water, may not continue to do so due to increases in impervious areas and the resultant runoff from private property improvements such as building additions, patios, pool decks, sidewalks and accessory buildings.

Participation in this program is based on a first come first serve basis and is subject to available funding. Download the Yard Flood Assistance Program packet for details. Contact Roselle Public Works at (630) 980-2020 for more information.