Police Department Compliment or Complaint Form

The Roselle Police Department is committed to excellence in police services to the community. We appreciate when a citizen takes the time to recognize the efforts of one of our staff members. We also understand that there may be times when we did not live up to those expectations. We make every effort to investigate all complaints made about any member of the Roselle Police Department.

Concerned citizens are encouraged to download and submit the Compliment or Complaint form (PDF) with your accolades as well as your concerns. A member of the Administrative staff will contact you for further information.

Compliment Procedure

The Roselle Police Department is very proud of all the employees who, as a whole, make up our department. If you wish to compliment the performance of a police department employee, you may do so by downloading and filling out the compliment form linked above, you can send a letter, drop a note in the U.S. Mail, call the employee’s supervisor at (630) 980-2025, or email the department with your compliment. All complimentary letters will be directed to the chief of police who will review the letter and will assure your commentary message is delivered to the employee and to his/her supervisor.

Complaint Procedure

The Roselle Police Department takes all complaints against our employees seriously; we shall accept and investigate all complaints regarding its service and personnel to determine the validity of the complaint. Upon completion of the investigation, the department shall consider any recommended changes to our policy and/or take the appropriate action against the named employee(s), (we must follow the Illinois Peace Officer Bill of Rights Act). All investigations shall be investigated in a timely, fair, impartial, and consistent manner, maintaining the rights of all employees and citizens.

If you have been issued a traffic citation, village ordinance violation, or were arrested, the Roselle Police Department will not accept complaints if you feel those actions were improper; these complaints or grievances should be argued in the appropriate court of law. Although, if the behavior of the employee is in question or you feel they may have violated department policy or procedure, we will accept those complaints and investigate them.

How are Complaints Filed?

Through the year, members of the Roselle Police Department handle a variety of calls and have numerous contacts with the public. In some of those instances, individuals may feel a member of the Roselle Police Department treated them unfairly or were treated unprofessionally. If you feel this occurred, you may contact the Roselle Police Department at (630) 980-2025 and ask to speak with the sergeant or watch commander.

The sergeant or watch commander will listen to your complaint and may attempt to resolve the complaint informally over the phone. We have found an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the call is enough to settle many situations. If the sergeant or watch commander is unable to satisfy the caller or, at the recommendation of the sergeant or watch commander, they may request you file a Formal Complaint.

A Formal Complaint is a written statement surrounding the facts of the incident, identifying any potential witnesses and is a sworn statement once filed and properly notarized. Under Illinois Law, a Formal Complaint must be supported by a Sworn Affidavit (50 ILCS 725/3.8(b)).

Anyone who knowingly files a false complaint against a police officer or other employee of the department may be subject to criminal charges or even possibly a civil suit.

What Happens When a Complaint is Filed?

Once a complaint is filed, it will be forwarded to the chief of police who will then assign it for investigation. The chief of police will generate a letter to you, indicating the investigator assigned to the investigation and an Internal Affairs report number. Generally, an investigation takes no longer than 30 days; however, the investigator may be given an extension if the chief of police agrees it is justified. You will be kept informed of the status of your complaint and the eventual outcome.

If the complaint is found to be true (SUSTAINED), the department member may be disciplined at the discretion of the chief of police, or in the case of a non-sworn member, the village administrator. One or more of the following actions may be taken:
  • Counseling Report
  • Verbal Reprimand
  • Written Reprimand
  • Suspension Without Pay
  • Recommend to Board of Police and Fire Commission for Termination
If we can be of further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact the Roselle Police Department at 630-980-2025.