Strategic Plan 2016-2018

Strategic Plan Updates

January 9, 2017 - Strategic Plan Update #1
July 10, 2017 - Strategic Plan Update #2
February 12, 2018 - Strategic Plan Update #3

The Village Board updated its Strategic Plan for 2016-2018, officially establishing its goals for the next several years. The Village Board engaged in a strategic planning process during three sessions facilitated by Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies in April 2016.

The planning process included an assessment of the environment within which the Village operates, with an examination of the Village’s internal and external challenges. Among the identified challenges for the Village are state issues (state budget, unfunded mandates), local economic development efforts, ComEd’s proposed West Central Reliability Project, citizen engagement, infrastructure replacement and improvement, and fiscal sustainability. The full Strategic Plan and Summary Report as presented to the Village Board by the Northern Illinois University Center for Governmental Studies, including the strategic initiative action plans, is available for download (PDF).

The Village Board had previously adopted a strategic plan for 2014-2016. The updated plan includes a refresh of past goals as well as new strategic initiatives. The 2016-2018 strategic plan spells out the four strategic priorities, (the highest priority issues for the next three years); a series of key outcome indicators (describing desired outcomes and success measures); and a list of strategic initiatives defining the actions that will be taken to ensure successful effort.

Snapshot: Strategic Plan

The four identified strategic priorities for 2016-2018 are financial sustainability, effective governance, infrastructure, and economic development.

Strategic Priority
Desired Outcome
Key Outcome Indicator
 Strategic Initiatives



Increased General Fund reserves
Year-end fund balance
Increase General Fund revenues to at least 35%
  • Initiate discussions for collaboration opportunities
  • Analyze alignment of revenues
  • Complete and implement department efficiency studies
  • Develop and sustain continuous improvement efforts
  • Financial analysis-tax base
  • Financial communication strategy

Maintain capital project revenues
Capital project revenues (existing and new)

Fully fund identified 5 year capital improvement plan
Sustainable General Fund operating costs
General Fund Expenses
Limit to an average annual increase of 2%

Strategic Priority
Desired Outcome
Key Outcome Indicator
Strategic Initiatives


Increased citizen engagement  - Village-sponsored
  events attendance
- Feedback from
  residents & businesses
- _% people report
  feeling engaged
- Four new methods for
  outreach responsive to
  citizen needs
  • Create comprehensive management training program
  • Develop quarterly planning and review processes around Board and staff interaction
  • Evaluate current Board support approaches
  • Develop new ideas/approaches to engagement
  • Establish ad hoc Trustee committee model for critical issues
  • Define preferred and effective Board communications strategy
Improved Board decision making
Board and senior staff engagement assessment results
_%Board indicate they are adequately prepared
Capable and well-trained staff
Internal promotional hiring rate
100% supervisor and management positions filled internally
Respectful relationship with Board members
Board satisfaction assessment results
100% of Board members satisfied that relationships are respectful

Strategic Priority
Desired Outcome
Key Outcome Indicator
Target Strategic Initiatives

All local streets are rated good or excellent condition
Pavement condition analysis
- Poor condition streets eliminated by 2017
- _% reduction in fair condition streets
  • Complete 2-year street improvement program linked to limited tax bonds
  • Design/implement 5-year water main improvement program
  • Continue to implement 5-year wastewater improvement program
  • Develop comprehensive and fully integrated capital project and equipment replacement programs
Fully compliant water and wastewater infrastructure systems
- Testing and
  compliance results
- Water and wastewater
  schedule results
Wastewater facility master plan and water main replacement program meets 2020 deadline
Complete understanding of capital needs
Feedback from Board members
100% of Board members indicate complete understanding

Strategic Priority
Desired Outcome
Key Outcome Indicator
Target Strategic Initiatives

Increased developable property inventory
Developable property inventory
- 1 existing property
- 2 new properties
  • Analysis of annexation policies
  • Develop organized Main Street business association
  • Expand business retention program
  • Expand business recruitment program
  • Initiate action on Comprehensive Plan prioritized areas
Expanded and diversified tax base
- Sales tax revenues
- HM/EET revenues
Annual increase of $_ (measured against base) - each category
Enhanced working relationship- existing and new businesses
- Feedback from
- Turnover and
  expansion rate
- _% say Roselle is a
  good place to operate
- _% willing to expand