Budget - 2017

2017 Budget Document
The 2017 Budget Document (PDF) is available for download.

2017 Budget Guided by Village Board's 2016-2018 Strategic Plan

The FY2017 budget reflects a comprehensive plan for providing the community continued cost effective and efficient administrative, public safety, and public works municipal services. Since late summer 2016, staff has worked to develop a proposed budget reflecting the priorities outlined in the Village Board’s 2016-2018 Strategic Plan and its recently updated financial policies. While the State of Illinois budget situation continues to cause long-term concerns among municipal officials, the Village’s financial condition has improved incrementally over the last several budget fiscal years.  Prudent budgeting efforts combined with more aggressive economic development initiatives have improved the Village’s revenues and overall tax base.

Significant Budget Highlights

  • The General Operating Fund budget reflects revenues exceeding expenditures by $111,874. The projected unreserved fund balance will be 37.42% of expenditures, thereby exceeding the Village Board’s Strategic Plan Financial Sustainability Priority target of 35%.
  • Funding is earmarked to complete the Strategic Plan Infrastructure Priority for improvements, including $1,000,000 for water main replacements.
  • $4,084,855 is budgeted for wastewater projects outlined in the Wastewater Facility Master Plan, $1,112,500 for the annual street improvement and surface transportation programs, and $388,000 for municipal building and facility repairs.
  • The budget reflects a continued significant investment in the Village’s information technology network with the replacement of aging hardware/software and a proposal to increase the current level of on-site network technician professional consulting services by 16 additional hours per week.
  • Other than the previously approved water and sewer user fee increases outlined in the 5-Year Baxter & Woodman rate schedule plan, there are no other resident or business owner local tax, fee, license, or fine increases.
  • Other than the proposed reclassification of a part-time fire department administrative assistant position to full-time, there are no other authorized staffing level changes being recommended.