Community Survey 2013

Community Survey Report and Results

2013 Community Survey Report and Results (PDF)

Community Survey Results - Town Hall Meetings

The Village of Roselle held two Town Hall meetings, open to the public, to present the findings from the 2013 Community Survey. The meeting held on October 21, 2013, is available for viewing below.

Additionally, the Town Hall meeting PowerPoint presentation with presenter's notes (PDF) is also available for download.

Survey Purpose and Scope

The Village of Roselle administered the 2013 Community Survey to find out how much value residents place on the services that the Village provides. The results are based on responses from 671 Village of Roselle residents who completed the entire survey.

A Community Survey Sub-Committee was established by the Village Board in January 2013 to plan and execute a community survey. Trustees Barbara Rendall Hochstadt and Wayne Domke were named as co-chairs of the committee. They worked with Village staff and consultants to develop the survey questionnaire, collect and compile the data, and develop the executive summary and final report.

The survey results, along with additional feedback gathered from the two Town Hall meetings, guided the Village Board in strategic and budget planning sessions during the fall of 2013.

The Village of Roselle would like to thank Trinity Lutheran Church and Tim Johnson for donating video recording and production services for the Town Hall meeting.