Street Improvement Program

2024 SIPRoselle has 79 miles of streets that are maintained by the Village through our annual Street Improvement Program. The annual Street Improvement Program includes resurfacing, patching, and reconstruction of Village streets, including work on storm sewers, sidewalks, and curbs when warranted. 

The Village prioritizes streets for the Street Improvement Program based on the most recent 5-year pavement study and road conditions. Streets are also prioritized for improvement when water main replacements are needed in the same location. This way, we get all major construction done at the same time to reduce any burden on residents. 

Download the 2024 Street Improvement Program Map (PDF)

Construction Updates

Construction schedules change frequently due to weather, supply issues, etc. Check this page for the most up-to-date information on Street Improvement Program projects.

Please check back soon for more updates about the 2024 Street Improvement Program.