Street Improvement Program

SIP Overview

2021 SIP Map Opens in new windowConstruction for the Village’s 2021 Street Improvement Program (SIP) started in late-April, after the annual program was deferred for 2020 as part of the Village’s COVID-19 Budget Response Plan. All of the streets that were identified for work in 2020 are included in the 2021 program, along with additional streets based on updated bid results. The 2021 budget for the SIP is $900,000, which includes $200,000 for the widening and resurfacing of Main Street between Roselle Road and Prospect Street.

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Streets Included

The 2021 SIP includes the resurfacing of the following streets:

  • Blue Heron Way from Cardinal Lane to Pelican Bay;
  • Bluebird Lane from Cardinal Lane to Flamingo Drive;
  • Bryn Mawr Avenue from Pierce Drive to Sycamore Avenue;
  • Cardinal Lane from Bluebird Lane to Flamingo Drive;
  • Carriage Way from Northampton Lane to West End;
  • David Lane through the cul-de-sac;
  • Drummond Court from Rodenburg Road to North End;
  • Eden Court through the cul-de-sac;
  • Falmouth Way from Northampton Lane to North End;
  • Flamingo Drive from Rodenburg Road to Bluebird Lane;
  • Meadowlark Court through the cul-de-sac;
  • Main Street from Roselle Road to Prospect Street;
  • Oak Street from Picton Road to Forest Avenue;
  • Oxford Circle through the cul-de-sac;
  • Pelican Bay from Flamingo Drive to Bluebird Lane;
  • Pierce Avenue from Sunnyside Drive to Bryn Mawr Avenue;
  • Regency Court from Northampton Lane to West End;
  • Rosedale Avenue from Mensching Road to Forest Avenue;
  • Sunnyside Drive from Pierce Avenue to Harvey Road;
  • Sycamore Avenue from Sunnyside Drive to Bryn Mawr Avenue;
  • Sycamore Avenue from Turner Avenue to Sunnyside Drive;
  • Thames Terrace from Northampton Lane to East End;
  • Turner Avenue from Springhill Drive to Glendale Road;
  • Wandsworth Circle through the cul-de-sac; and
  • Whippoorwill Court through the cul-de-sac.

SIP Resident Information Bulletins