Potential Hotel Development on Roselle Road

Developer Studying "Northern Gateway" Site for Tru Hilton Hotel

Tru HiltonThe Village Board signed a letter of intent with Green Dot Builders on June 11, 2018, authorizing them to begin seeking professional services to develop a preliminary plan for the 6.5 acre vacant parcel owned by the Village at the southwest corner of Roselle Rd. and Illinois Route 390. Green Dot Builders is pursuing the development of a Tru Hilton Hotel and a restaurant at the site, with the hotel proposed to be adjacent to the Illinois Route 390 exit ramp at Roselle Rd.

This project is currently in an exploratory stage, as Green Dot Builders has not yet filed a formal application for a site plan review. Upon the Village receiving a preliminary plan for the site, a neighborhood meeting will be held to discuss the proposal. Any proposal for the land will ultimately include a complete evaluation of the site and will go through a formal public hearing process before coming to the Village Board for final action.

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Project FAQ

Q: The Village entered into a Letter of Intent agreement with Green Dot Builders. What does this mean?
A: By entering into a Letter of Intent with Green Dot Builders, the developer has six months to study and evaluate the site, and if appropriate, to pursue the public hearings required by the Village. Letters of Intent are common in commercial real estate because they give the developer assurances that they can spend money to evaluate the property without being undercut by another developer during the process.  With these assurances, the developer will invest in ascertaining whether the property is suitable for a hotel and restaurant by looking at soils, drainage, access, lighting, impact on the adjoining properties, and whether or not the marketplace will support their product (i.e. a Tru Hilton).

Q: Is the Village concerned about the impact on the adjoining neighborhood?
A: The Village Board and staff understand the need to protect the character of a stable residential neighborhood and want to mitigate any potential negative impact to residents. Green Dot Builders has been informed that it is critical that any proposal for the property protects the adjoining area. Concerns that must be addressed include stormwater, lights, traffic, existing wetlands, buffering from adjoining homes, and access to the site. Upon submission of a preliminary plan by Green Dot Builders, these issues will be scrutinized by Village staff for compliance and best practices. The preliminary plan will also be available at the neighborhood meeting for examination by the public.Village-owned Parcel

Q: What land is included with the Letter of Intent? 
A: The Letter of Intent covers the property owned by the Village of Roselle at the southwest corner of Illinois 390 and Roselle Road and shown on the map at right. There are no buildings or structures on the property. Note that none of the adjoining homes are included in the Letter of Intent. The developer has indicated that the project can be completed without acquiring any residential property; but that they would approach the owner of 510 North Roselle Road to see if there is an interest in selling her property. The developer has not expressed any desire to purchase land south of Arthur Avenue.

Q: Will residents have a chance to voice their concerns before the Village decides to allow a hotel on that site?  
A: Yes. There will be multiple opportunities to voice concerns. It is the Village’s Board’s policy to be as transparent and inclusive when considering projects in our community. In addition to the article in the Summer 2018 issue of the Roselle Reporter newsletter (which was sent to all Roselle residents), Mayor Maglio sent two letters, on June 20, 2018, and on July 19, 2018, directly to residents in the adjoining neighborhood. This was the Village’s way to inform the neighborhood that this is just the initial step in the consideration of whether or not this Village‐owned property should be developed as a hotel and restaurant. The Village also promised that upon receiving a preliminary plan from the developer, staff will hold a neighborhood meeting with residents in the adjoining area to discuss the proposal. This approach would provide the neighborhood with the necessary time to fully study and analyze the plan and to organize their thoughts and concerns in order to have a complete discussion. This approach is above and beyond what is required by State law; but in keeping the Village Board’s philosophy of soliciting the residents' thoughts and comments on projects that impact neighborhoods. In addition to this informal neighborhood meeting, the Village will hold a public hearing to discuss zoning and site plan approval for the project. The public will be notified through a sign on the property, a notice in the Daily Herald, and public hearing notices sent out via mail to everyone within 500 feet of the site and via certified mail to everyone within 250 feet of the site.

Q: What impact will stormwater have on the adjacent community? Isn’t some of that property a wetland?
A: Before a property can be developed, the Village will require a stormwater management plan and will review it closely. Although the property is located in Cook County, the Village will enforce the more restrictive DuPage County Stormwater Regulations which are applied to all new developments in Roselle. Under current ordinances, new development is not able to increase the peak stormwater release rate that flows onto neighboring property. Any development on the site is required to lessen the release rate of stormwater downstream in the watershed to the adjacent neighborhood through the installation of a pond and/or other stormwater management features. We also estimate that the development will add approximately an acre of new detention which will hold the site’s stormwater from the increased impervious surface. Staff will also be looking for opportunities to positively impact the stormwater in the watershed upstream from the development where possible. These issues are specifically dealt with upon the submission of a preliminary plan for the development. The Village took a preliminary look at the wetlands on the property in its recent Comprehensive Plan update. We anticipate that all of the approximately 2.6 acres of property near the western portion of the site will be preserved as wetland and wetland buffers.TIF Boundaries

Q: Is this property in a TIF District?  What does this mean?
A: Yes, the property is located in the North Roselle Road/Nerge TIF District, pictured in the map at right. There has not been a conversation with the developer concerning a redevelopment agreement. Roselle has only entered into agreements based upon need and does not offer incentives as rewards to developers. The proforma analysis, which studies the portential costs and revenues for a project, has not been completed since the preliminary plan is still being developed. Tax Increment Financing (TIF) is a public financing method that is used to facilitate redevelopment, infrastructure and other community improvement projects. In Illinois, a TIF is approved for 23 years. The North Roselle Road – Nerge TIF was approved in 2015 and will expire in 2028. It covers most property that runs roughly along Roselle Road between from Illinois 390 to Arthur on the west side of the street and from just north of Nerge Road to the County Line on the east side of the street. Having a TIF District in place means that property taxes resulting from increased value due to new development, rehabilitation or improvement, property appreciation, equalization, or rate changes will be reinvested directly into the TIF area. These TIF Funds can be used to help with redevelopment of property, environmental remediation, property acquisition, right-of-way landscaping and improvements, utility work, and more. TIF Funds cannot be used to subsidize the construction of buildings. The financial implications of this development are unknown at this time; but would be quantifiable if a preliminary plan is developed by Green Dot Builders.

Q: Is the Village going to utilize eminent domain to take the homes along Roselle Road for townhomes?
A: This potential project will not require the forcible sale of any private property. The townhomes depicted in the Village's Comprehensive Plan are a vision of a use that could be appropriate for that portion of Roselle Road in the future. This visioning is utilized as a tool for the developers who may have an interest in redeveloping in the Village. This vision tool does not provide a developer with the right of eminent domain on property owners. Thus any proposal would still require a property owner’s consent of sale along with necessary Village zoning approvals.

Q: I still have more questions. Where do I get additional information?
A: Those with additional questions are encouraged to contact Village Planner Caron Bricks. You can call her at (630) 671-2806 or email cbricks@roselle.il.us.

"Northern Gateway" Site Analysis and Development Timeline

  • December 8, 2018: The letter of intent with Green Dot Builders officially expired without formal plans submitted for the Village-owned site. It is anticipated that Green Dot Builders will seek an opportunity to discuss future plans for the site with the Village Board even though there is no longer an active formal agreement.
  • August 7, 2018: Mayor Andy Maglio, Trustee Patrick Devitt, Village Administrator Jeff O’Dell, and Community Development Director Pat Watkins held a meeting with seven residents representing homeowners living in close proximity to the site. The homeowners provided a list of 10 questions on behalf of their fellow residents related to property taxes and home values, the TIF District, impact of noise, lights, and traffic, and liquor licensing.
  • July 19, 2018: Residents living in close proximity to the site were sent a second letter from Mayor Maglio to clarify misconceptions regarding the hotel proposal process.
  • June 20, 2018: Residents living within close proximity to the site were sent an initial letter from Mayor Maglio regarding the proposal by Green Dot Builders to explain the proposal process and the letter of intent.
  • June 11, 2018: The Village Board signed a letter of intent with Green Dot Builders authorizing them to begin seeking professional services, such as engineering, surveying, and architecture on the site. Green Dot Builders is pursuing the development of a Tru Hilton Hotel and a restaurant, the hotel proposed to be located adjacent to the Illinois Route 390 exit ramp at Roselle Rd. This information was shared with the community in the Summer 2018 issue of the Roselle Reporter newsletter.
  • February 12, 2018: An update was provided to the Village Board during the Committee of the Whole meeting regarding the status of the site, with a recommendation from staff to continue to market the property in a "soft" manner while addressing individual site constraints as other opportunities and TIF District funds become available.
  • December 11, 2017: The Village Board voted not to extend its initial agreement with Velmeir Acquisition Services to market the site following concerns about barriers such as earth moving and land acquisition. This information was shared with the community in the Winter 2018 issue of the Roselle Reporter newsletter.
  • June 12, 2017: The Village Board signed a Letter of Intent with Velmeir Acquisition Services to actively market the "Northern Gateway" site for a six month period following the issuance of the RFQ. This information was shared with the community in the Summer 2017 issue of the Roselle Reporter newsletter.
  • December 29, 2016The Village Board issued a formal Request For Qualifications (RFQ) from potential developers for the Village-owned "Northern Gateway" site. This information was shared with the community in the Winter 2017 issue of the Roselle Reporter newsletter.
  • August 22, 2016: The Village Board adopted its 2016 Comprehensive Plan, which included a recommendation for a hotel on the vacant 6.5 acre Village-owned site at Roselle Rd. and Illinois Route 390, identified as the "Northern Gateway". The Village's consultant, Ginkgo Planning and Design, Inc., worked closely with staff and elected officials for over a year to update the plan, and held several public forums to gather feedback from the community. Information about the adoption of the Comprehensive Plan, with specific information about the suitability of the "Northern Gateway" site for a hotel, is included in the Fall 2016 issue of the Roselle Reporter newsletter.