Sprinkler Requirements


All building structures within the Roselle Fire Department response area, including single family homes, are required to have a fire sprinkler system.  A renovation adding area 50% of its existing size is required to sprinkler the entire building.

Plans must be submitted to the Village/Fire Department for review and approval PRIOR to the start of the building process.

Have you ever thought as a business owner or building owner that you want to do more to protect your investment? 

One way is to install a commercial fire sprinkler system. Well, I know what you are thinking, "it is not cost effective to retrofit my business/building with a commercial fire sprinkler system, doing so will put me out of business".  There is a new federal tax incentive that allows small business owners to deduct the cost of installing a Fire Sprinkler System.  

Small business owners can protect their business, their investment, and the lives of their patrons and employees with a FEDERAL FIRE SPRINKLER TAX INCENTIVE.  THIS INCENTIVE WILL ALLOW SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS TO DEDUCT THE COST OF RETROFITTING THEIR BUILDINGS WITH FIRE SPRINKLERS IN ONE YEAR.