Requirements For Business License Applicants


Prior to occupancy being granted for a new business in Roselle, the following common list of requirements must be met. These operating requirements must be met by all businesses within the Village on an annual basis:

A 5lb ABC Type fire extinguisher must be provided, or accessible within a 75' travel distance. For larger spaces, the said extinguisher will be necessary every 75'.

Emergency Lights and Exit Lights must be fully functional and working.

Ground Fault Interrupter Circuits must be installed within 5' of all wet locations, i.e. kitchen sink, restroom sink, utility tub, etc.

No Circuit Breaker Openings in the electrical panel. Blanks shall be installed in all unused openings.

Push Paddle or Thumb Turn Locks are acceptable on inside door locks. Inside key locks are not allowed.

Extension Cords are for temporary use and cannot be used in place of not having an outlet. Outlet “cubes” cannot be used. When additional receptacles are needed, a multiple outlet strip with overload protection can be used.