TIF Incentive: Façade-Exterior Improvement Grant


A Facade-Exterior Improvement Grant is intended for property improvements undertaken on the exterior of a building structure. This grant is not intended to fund work that is construed as maintenance. To be considered, the proposed improvement shall result in a significant visual improvement to the structure and property, or implement restoration of a building’s character, curb appeal, and streetscape compatibility. Eligible project elements may include, but are not limited to the following examples: 

  • New signage 
  • Window frame replacement 
  • Door replacement 
  • New Awnings 
  • Facade renovation/replacement 
  • Utility capacity upgrades 
  • Restoration of original architectural features
  •  Exterior lighting 
  • Painting, only if in conjunction with other façade related improvements 
  • Tuckpointing, if in conjunction with other façade related improvements 
  • Addition of facilities to create outside dining 
  • Artistic murals depicting a general theme and not directly advertising a product or service
  • Other innovative project ideas that demonstrate the ability to create a more attractive and appealing commercial environment

Program Details

  • Grants are based upon reimbursement of actual costs following project completion and documentation of expenses. 
  • Grants may fund up to 50% of approved project costs, not-to-exceed $20,000 grant funding. 
  • Proposed improvements must be adjacent to streets or other public property, excluding alleys. 
  • Professional design assistance is strongly recommended. Design fees of up to $2,500 may be reimbursed subject to the not-to-exceed grant award total. 
  • Multiple bids/proposals from contractors are required prior to grant approval. 
  • Written agreement must be executed prior to starting any work related to requested funds. 
  • Applicants other than the property owner must provide written authorization stating that the applicant has the authority of the owner to make the proposed property improvements and to participate in the program. 
  • Documentation of paid expenses and waivers of lien are to be submitted prior to reimbursement. 
  • Projects must be started within 60 days of grant approval and completed within 180 days. 
  • To ensure that the use of public funding for the project is safeguarded, owner/applicant are required to commit to ownership/business operation for a period of not less than two (2) years from project reimbursement. A lien against the property may be required to ensure this standard is met. If the owner or business fails to meet this two-year standard, a pro-rata reimbursement of grant funds will be required. 
  • If a Facade Improvement Grant has previously been awarded for the same location or space within three (3) years of the date of application, such new application shall be ineligible for funding. This restriction can be waived, in the sole discretion of the Village of Roselle.

Application Process 


  • Prospective applicants are required to schedule a pre-application meeting to discuss their project prior to submittal. 
  • The formal application process begins with submittal of an application form, associated drawings, project schedule, project bid/proposal results
  • Applications will be evaluated by a review committee and selection shall be at the sole discretion of the Village of Roselle. 
  • All grant applications are subject to the availability of budgeted funds. 
  • Final approval will be in the form of a grant agreement approved by the Village Board. 
  • Preference shall be given to applicants/owners that have not received prior development assistance.