Roselle Minute

Welcome to Roselle Minute, a new video series from the Village of Roselle!

Episode 3: The One With the Business Grants (5/24/2022)

Roselle businesses are eligible to apply for grant funding up to $10,000 through a new program that uses American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to assist businesses recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic. Grants are available in two categories: Business Reimbursement Grants and Business Resiliency Grants. Learn more about these and other business grant opportunities available from the Village of Roselle in Roselle Minute Episode 3: The One With the Business Grants.

Episode 2: The One With the Police Counselors (3/23/2022)

Back in 2019, the Roselle Police Department hired a contractual mental health counselor for 20 hours a week. It became apparent that more of these services were needed in the community, so in 2020 and in 2021, contractual hours were increased to 40, then 60 hours a week. In 2022, we now have two full-time mental health counselors on staff at the Police Department, which has been made possible with several grants from the Bloomingdale Township Mental Health Board. Meet Colleen Martinez and Michelle Koso, and learn about the important work they do in Roselle Minute Episode 2: The One WIth the Police Counselors.

Episode 1: The One With the Trains (12/20/2021)

The Milwaukee District West line runs through Roselle, making it convenient to take the train downtown. Doing business and living near the tracks has its perks, but it also has environmental impacts here in Roselle like exhaust, vibration, noise, and impacts on traffic. Find out more about the proposed Canadian Pacific Railroad Merger that would bring more freight traffic through Roselle, and the status of train horn quiet zones in this episode of Roselle Minute.