Police Social Services

Social Services and Behavioral Health Supports

The Roselle Police Department employs two mental health counselors who provide social service referrals and behavioral health support seven days a week. The services they provide include:

  • Crisis Intervention – At the scene of a police-managed incident or for severe mental health problems.
  • Clinical Evaluation – With recommendations for treatment.
  • Advocacy – Acts as a liaison between citizens and the police.
  • OOP and Eviction Assistance– To provide guidance and support throughout the completion of paperwork and subsequent court dates (counselor does not attend court).
  • Information and Referrals – To other professionals equipped to further address the needs of each individual.

All services are free of charge. Referrals are based on individual health care coverage and home address.

Why Seek Services? 

Situations may arise that can cause concern after a crisis event. Counseling provides the use of crisis intervention and community referrals to aid in restoring stability in the home. 

  • Domestic Violence - physical, emotional, sexual abuse
  • Family Conflicts - separation/divorce, parenting issues
  • Mental Illness - including but not limited to depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts
  • Physical Illness - disability, chronic illness
  • Geriatric Problems - elder abuse, housing alternatives, caretaker issues, Dementia and Alzheimer’s care and placement
  • Grief / Loss - sudden death, suicide, homicide
  • Juvenile Issues - runaways, behavior problems
  • Substance Abuse - drug or alcohol issues, co-dependency
In Crisis? Need Help?
¿Está en una crisis? Necesita ayuda?