Building Permits

A building permit is required for many home improvement projects. Building permits ensure that construction will be done safely and in compliance with Village code. 

How to Get a Building Permit 

  1. Complete the Application
    You can apply for a building permit online or by bringing a completed Building Permit Application to the Community Development department at Village Hall or by emailing the completed application to

    Visit the Village’s Citizen Self Service portal to apply for the following building permits online: driveway replacement, fence, HVAC replacement, patio, roof, shed, and water heater replacement.

    If you are applying for any other type of permit than what is listed above, please either apply in-person at the Village Hall or by submitting electronic copies of the building permit application, marked plat of survey, and plans to

  2. Provide Additional Documents
    In addition to your building permit application, some projects require additional documents. Digital copies can be uploaded to the Citizen Self Service Portal. 

    Type of WorkRequired Documents
    Exterior work (fence, deck, shed, etc) Print or digital copy of a current plat of survey with the improvements drawn and/or marked on the plat. 
    New construction, additions, remodels, fire sprinklers, fire alarms Two paper copies and one digital copy of plans 
    Construction over $10,000 in value 

    Architect’s seal 

    Contractors completing these improvements must be licensed in the Village of Roselle and must provide all necessary certificates of insurance, surety bonds, and state or local licenses before permits will be issued. 

Building Permit Handouts & Guides
A building permit is required for many home-improvement projects. Project information is included in the PDF documents for the following projects:

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of home improvement projects do not require a building permit?

Common examples include installing windows and doors that are being replaced with same size windows or doors, installing siding, or installing gutters. 

What is a plat of survey? Where can I get a copy of my plat of survey?

A plat of survey is a legal map of your property that is created by a licensed surveyor. Your plat of survey will show important information like where your property line is located. Plat of surveys are normally included in real estate sale documents and should be kept in a safe place in your home.  

If you are unable to locate your property’s plat of survey, contact a plat surveyor to create a new one. The Village of Roselle is not able to create a plat of survey for your property, nor does the Village retain plat of survey records for property owners.  

Can the Village mark my property/underground utility lines for me?

No, the Village is not licensed to mark underground utility lines. Illinois state law requires you to notify JULIE at least two but not more than 14 business days before any digging project, regardless of the project size or depth. After receiving a utility marking request, JULIE alerts utility companies so they can come to your property and mark the utility lines they own. You can request this free service by calling 8-1-1 or visiting