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Feb 20

FAQ: How will the referendum impact my budget?

Posted on February 20, 2024 at 10:42 AM by Village of Roselle

If the referendum does not pass, CIS rates will more than double over time to fund mandated wastewater improvements. If the referendum passes, home rule sales tax revenue will be used to fund mandated wastewater improvements, which will keep CIS rates lower for residents. The water bill comparisons below use the 2022 average single family household's water usage of about 4,300 gallons per month. 

If the referendum passes, the Village Board would establish a sales tax of 1%, 1.25%, or 1.5%. How much a home rule sales tax may impact you depends on how much you may spend in Roselle. Home rule sales tax does not apply to sales of qualifying food, drugs, vehicles, and medical appliances. Home rule would also allow the Board to create a gasoline tax (2-4 cents per gallon) to generate revenue for street improvements. 

Use the comparisons below to estimate how the referendum may impact your budget (also available as a PDF): 

Sample 2032 Water Bill Without Home Rule
Sample 2032 Water Bill With Home Rule
Sample Monthly Spending Impact Under Home Rule
Water Rate*: $9.25 x 4.3 (4,300 gallons used) = 
$39.78 Total Water
Water Rate*: $9.25 x 4.3 (4,300 gallons used) = 
$39.78 Total Water
$200 at Roselle restaurants: $2.00-$2.50 per month
1% tax = $2.00   1.5% tax = $2.50
DuPage Sewer Rate*: $7.10 x 4.3 = 
$30.53 Total Sewer
DuPage Sewer Rate*: $7.10 x 4.3 = 
$30.53 Total Sewer
$100 shopping in Roselle: $1.00-$1.50 per month
1% tax = $1.00   1.5% tax = $1.50
CIS Rate without home rule sales tax: $20.00 x 4.3 =
$86.00 Total CIS
CIS Rate with 1%-1.5% sales tax: $7.50-$10.00 x 4.3 = 
$32.25 - $43.00 Total CIS
Fill a 15-gallon gas tank in Roselle once a week: $1.20-$1.80 per month
2 cent/gall tax = 30 cents   3 cent/gall tax = 45 cents
$156.31 per month
$102.56 - $113.31 per month$4.20 - $5.80 per month
$1,875.72 per year
$1,230.72 - $1,359.72 per year
$50.40-$69.60 per year

*2024 rates used; 2032 water and sewer rates not yet available

Water & Sewer Bill Basics

sample water billWater and sewer rates on your utility bill are developed to recover the cost of purchasing water through the DuPage Water Commission and treating Roselle’s wastewater.

The Capital Improvement Surcharge (CIS) exists to provide funding for water system and wastewater treatment and collection system improvements.

Rates are charged per 1,000 gallons used.

How would Roselle businesses be affected?

Did you know Roselle businesses pay the same Capital Improvement Surcharge rates on their water bill as residents? The average single family household in Roselle uses about 4,300 gallons of water per month. While water use varies by type of business, the average commercial/industrial water account in Roselle uses nearly 16,000 gallons of water per month. 

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Feb 20

Home Rule: Fact or Fiction?

Posted on February 20, 2024 at 10:25 AM by Village of Roselle

Home rule communities have higher property taxes: FICTION
There is no evidence that home rule municipalities in Illinois have higher or faster growing property taxes than non-home rule municipalities. Many home rule communities are able to reduce reliance on property tax revenue by creating new streams of revenue, like a home rule sales tax. 

Home rule sales tax will increase the price of my groceries and prescriptions: FICTION
Home rule sales tax does not apply to most food purchased at the grocery store, prescriptions, and other medical items.

Home rule communities can establish a Real Estate Transfer Tax without voter approval: FICTION
Before creating a Real Estate Transfer Tax, home rule communities have to pass a Real Estate Transfer Tax referendum. The Village of Roselle Board has no interest in establishing a Real Estate Transfer Tax.

Home rule municipalities are subject to fewer state mandates: FACT

Unlike non-home rule communities, home rule communities are only subject to state legislation and mandates when home rule has been preempted by state legislature. 

Home rule municipalities are less restricted on creating new regulations: FACT

Non-home rule communities may only exercise authority specifically granted by state law. Home rule municipalities have broader authority to act and can create regulations in any area unless specifically restricted by state law. As an example, several home rule suburbs have recently passed ordinances to regulate the arrival of buses carrying migrants who are en route to Chicago intake centers. If Roselle tried to pass similar regulations as a non-home rule community without the legal authority to do so, the Village could face costly legal challenges.

The Village has to get voter approval to make infrastructure improvements or take out loans for infrastructure updates: FICTION
Even as a non-home rule community, the Village can make infrastructure improvements and can obligate revenue to pay for bonds used for infrastructure improvements.

Once a community becomes home rule, it is permanently home rule: FICTION
Home rule status can be removed by referendum, which could be initiated by voters or by the Board.

Home rule means more control over school, park, and library districts: FICTION
Whether the Village of Roselle becomes home rule or remains non-home rule, the Village does not control funding, operations, referenda, or other initiatives by other Roselle taxing bodies. Each school, library, and park district you pay property taxes to is an independent taxing body with its own unique board of elected officials who oversee their budget. The Village Board of Trustees oversees the Roselle Police, Fire, and Public Works departments in addition to the municipal services offered at Village Hall.

Additionally, while each taxing body receives funding from property taxes, this does not mean all Roselle taxing bodies operate from one budget or that taxing bodies can use their property tax revenue for another taxing body’s operations or capital projects. For example, the Village’s budget cannot be used to pay for park district renovations or library improvements.

Check out our social media Fact or Fiction posts for more information:

Feb 13

Fireside Chat with Elmhurst's Mayor Levin

Posted on February 13, 2024 at 8:53 AM by Village of Roselle

YouTube Thumbnail Templates (81)In our final Fireside Chat, Mayor Pileski interviews Elmhurst Mayor Scott Levin about the tools home rule provides to local governments and how home rule has impacted Elmhurst. Watch Episode 6 on YouTube.