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Posted on: December 9, 2021

Village Board Adopts Balanced Budget for 2022; Water, Sewer, Ambulance Rate Increases Included


The Village Board in Roselle adopted a $19.5 million budget for 2022 that continues the fiscal flexibility necessary to not only maintain service delivery levels, but also to respond quickly and adapt to a dynamic economy. The budget for 2022 calls for General Fund revenues to exceed expenditures by approximately 3 percent, or $500,000. 

Prudent budgeting in recent years has the General Fund unreserved fund balance projected at 58% of expenditures, exceeding the Village Board’s policy of having at least 45% of expenditures in reserve and allowing for the Village Board to make additional contributions toward capital improvements and public pension liabilities in 2021. As the world continues to recover from the effects of a global pandemic, the organization is still trying to fully determine the impacts on the budget and financial assumptions.

Water, sewer and capital improvement surcharge (CIS) rates will increase in Roselle for 2022, following no increases to those rates since 2019. Aging infrastructure in the nearly century-old community and a more stringent environmental regulatory climate will require aggressive capital improvement spending in 2022 and beyond. The 2022 budget reflects utility rate increases totaling 60¢ per 1,000 gallons that will see the average monthly bill in Roselle to go up by about $3.24, based on 5,400 gallons.

With an increase in infrastructure work expected for the near term, the Village’s 5-year Capital Improvement Plan identifies projects required to maintain and improve municipal buildings and the Village’s streets, stormwater, wastewater, and water systems. The plan calls for $9.5 million in street improvements, $12 million in stormwater projects, $34 million in wastewater projects, $6.6 million in water main replacement projects, and nearly $2.5 million in municipal building maintenance over the next 5 years. Public input will be sought on how to most effectively complete these important community projects as the Village’s projected expenditures exceeds the Village’s revenue forecasts.

The only other rate increases included in the 2022 budget are to video gaming terminal fees and to ambulance transport fees, which help offset increased costs for emergency service staffing changes for 2021 and 2022. While the budget reflects an increase in expenditures for the hiring of three additional firefighters for 2022, it also reflects a corresponding decrease in contractual paramedic services since fewer contractual hires will be necessary.

 Visit to view the Village’s FY2022 budget.

2022 Budget
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