How do I contest the Notice of Violation?
Please make sure that the basis for your contest is one of the following four options (these are also listed on the back of the notice of violation:

a. Police officer already issued you a uniform traffic citation for the same violation (the citation issued by the police officer takes precedence over the Violation Notice);
b. Vehicle or license plates were stolen and not recovered at the time of the violation;
c. Vehicle was leased or rented to another party, and a written affidavit of the lessee of the vehicle and a lease agreement were submitted;
d. Vehicle was an emergency vehicle or lawfully participating in a funeral procession.

Contest by Mail:
• Fill in the CONTEST BY MAIL circle on the notice stub and on the self-addressed return envelope.
• Enclose a letter signed by the registered owner of the vehicle setting forth facts that establish a defense.
• Enclose any supporting evidence, such as affidavits, photos, state vehicle registration, official police vehicle theft/or recovery reports with the Violation Notice Number indicated.
• Be certain these documents are legible and complete.
• Send copies, original documents will not be returned.
• Enclose all evidence to support your defense as the Hearing officer’s decision is final.
• All Contest By Mail materials must be submitted using the enclosed return envelope and must be received by the Pay or Contest By Date.

Request An In-Person Hearing:
• Fill in the IN PERSON HEARING circle on the return stub and on the return envelope. Mail the stub in the return envelope.
• Requests will only be honored if received by the Pay or Contest By Date (within the first 21 days of the initial violation notice).

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