Do I need to purchase a vehicle sticker?

New residents must purchase a sticker within 30 days of moving into the Village. Every owner or operator of a motor vehicle (cars, trucks, motorcycles, and trailers) who resides within the Village or whose motor vehicle is based within the Village must obtain a Roselle vehicle sticker. Stickers must be purchased by September 30 and displayed on October 1 to avoid penalties.Visit the Vehicle Stickers page for more information.

Residents who have previously purchased vehicle stickers will receive a renewal application with previous sticker information pre-printed on the form. Applications will be mailed in July. All changes are to be made directly on the form and returned in the new reply envelope enclosed in the mailing. Residents are urged to use the return envelope included with the vehicle sticker application, either by mail or by dropping it in the Village payment box in front of Village Hall, or to apply for the sticker online. Changes to information on the form can be emailed to for those paying online. 

Vehicle Stickers

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