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Roselle E-News Submission

  1. Submission Deadline

    All submissions for the weekly E-News publication are due by 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday.

  2. Submission Guidelines

    Per the Village's Publication Policy, non-municipal community news may be included in Roselle E-News to further foster community interest and involvement. Information regarding non-municipal community news shall only be published if:

    1. The Village is a co-sponsor of the program or event;

    2. The information is intended to inform residents of services and programs of other governmental agencies or utilities serving the greater Roselle community;

    3. The program or event is sponsored by a Roselle-based not-for-profit agency or organization;

    4. The Village has a vested interest in promoting the service, program or event, including the promotion of economic development, tourism, or industry within the community.

    The Village of Roselle reserves the right to edit any messages submitted for publication.

  3. Roselle E-News is published weekly on Thursdays. Submissions will be included for a maximum of two consecutive weeks.

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